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Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center provides modern comprehensive shipping and travel services since its establishment in 1984 in Chania by Dimitris Gelasakis. Having forged strong relations with a wide customer base and the know-how, it quickly developed into one of the most dynamic business units in Crete in the shipping and travel sectors.

Furthermore, it provides since 2003 main agent services for the largest Greek shipping companies. More specifically, it co-operates with Blue Star Ferries & Superfast Ferries (2003 – 2005 in Chania, 2008 – present day in Piraeus), while from 2005 until 2008 the company served as a main agent for Hellenic Sea Ways in Chania. Moreover, the company is a member of IATA since 2002, as well as HATTA and SETE since 2001.

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center is ISO 9001 certified and has three branches with specialized partners in Piraeus, Chania and Souda since 2008.

Furthermore, Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center, through the use of new technologies and a wide network of business partners, is capable of providing high quality services anywhere in the country to single customers or businesses.

Its goal is treating customers specially, whether it comes to a simple ticket or the design and implementation of the most complex business project.

Travel Services

With regard to the travel sector, the company offers the following:

  • Online bookings from and to anywhere in the world
  • Airline tickets from and to anywhere in the world
  • Ship tickets
  • Train tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Rent a car
  • Moto rental
  • Cruises
  • Outdoor camping
  • Outdoor activities
  • Theme tourism and agritourism activities
  • Tours
  • Yachting
  • Incoming services
  • Conference and theme event organization
  • Coach rental
  • 24 hour company service
  • Business trip organization

Shipping services

With regard to shipping services, the company offers the following:

  • Main agency of Blue Star Ferries & Superfast Ferries in Piraeus
  • Ship agencies and subagencies in all Crete ports
  • Cruise ship - cruise brokerage
  • Warship brokerage
  • Freight ship brokerage
  • Tanker refueling
  • Crew dispatching all over the world
  • Crane service
  • Spare parts
  • Co-operation with other agents
  • Ship refueling
  • Off shore assistance
  • Food - supply provision
  • Yachting services
  • TRANSIT ships
  • Charterings

Online Services

In order to constantly upgrade its services for easier, faster, more reliable and economical service, both in terms of time and money, Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center offers comprehensive on-line services through​, and More specifically we offer smart solutions with constantly updated prices for:

1. selected and special hotels in Greece
2. rent a car in Greece and abroad
3. on-line booking (airline and ship tickets, hotels, organized packages)
4. selected agritourism accommodation
5. alternative theme tourism selections


Akti Kondyli 26-28
18545, Piraeus, Greece
Tel.:+30 210 4222440
Fax:+30 210 4176973

1866 Square, 14
73100, Chania
Crete, Greece
Tel.:+30 2821075444
Fax: +30 2821075444

Souda Square
73200, Chania
Creta, Greece
Tel.:+30 2821089065, 2821081478
Fax: +30 2821089334

Sectors Activities


Rent a car

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center rent a car service in Chania has a fleet of over 100 vehicles for Crete with small city cars, mid and high end cars, mini vans, jeeps (4x4). Furthermore, any other vehicle type requested, in Attica or elsewhere in the country, is available through a well organized partner network across Greece. Moreover you can also book vehicles by telephone, as well as on-line through .
Rentals include full insurance, GPS, free kilometers, road assistance and delivery - return in any place requested.

Ticket Booking

Airline Tickets

With specialized personnel and the most modern electronic platforms Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center provides worldwide airline booking services, proposing solutions based on travel safety and comfort, as well as money saving. The company is a member of ΙΑΤΑ since 2002, while it also offers booking by telephone, as well as on-line through or

Ship Tickets

In co-operation with all shipping companies in Greece we provide booking by telephone for ship itineraries to the Greek islands, as well as foreign destinations. We also offer on-line booking service through or It is stressed that Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center is the main agent of Blue Star Ferries and Superfast Ferries in Piraeus

It is worth mentioning that tickets may be sent to the customer's premises or picked up from the company's local branches or selected Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center customer service points in Piraeus port (Gate E6 - E7, Gate E1 - E2).

Incoming Tourism Services

Gelasakis Shipping Travel Center with its specialized department for providing service to incoming tourists offers round the clock coverage of their requirements. Except for the organization of their stay in hotels or B&B, transportation or organized tours, we also offer car rental, theme event organization, cruises, visits to cultural or archaeological sites. Other requirements may also be satisfied on request.

Outgoing Tourism

Gelasakis Shipping Travel Center has offered for the past 26 years complete holiday and tour packages with multiple choices, either in Greece or abroad. With special knowledge for every destination we can organize any trip, either for single customers or for groups, offering high quality services.  

Hotel Bookings

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center provides booking services for a series of hotels in Greece or in popular foreign destinations. At the same time, with dynamic marketing policies, we offer our customers concessive prices for certain time periods in city hotels, luxury resorts, holiday residences - villas or traditional accommodation.

Business Trips

With respect for the high demands of its customers Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center offers business trip organization services, adapted to each company’s special needs.

Either for shipping company manager trips, motivational trips or collective entertainment actions Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center can undertake the planning, formation and implementation of every proposal with respect to the provision of tailor made services for each business.

Conference Organization

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center is successfully active in the scientific conference and event organization area since 2003.

Its specialized personnel and trained partners can ensure the successful organization of conferences, meetings, seminars, social or cultural events and business presentations.

The accommodation, hospitality and transport services provided may be completed, on request, with comprehensive secretarial support, full technological and interpreting support, live broadcasting, as well as communication support of events, as well as entertainment options for the participants.

Experience Tourism

Alternative tourism forms are not just an invention or a simple effort to enrich the tourist product for Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center, but rather a strategic choice. With our specialized partners we can provide tailor made holiday or city break proposals for cultural, religious, hiking, ecological tourism or agritourism.

Yachting –Cruise

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center co-operates with top private boat chartering companies in Greece. We can ensure a great variety of safe and fully equipped boats to rent, with or without captain, from motor boats to sail yachts, offering unique experience to the private cruise enthusiast.
Furthermore, in co-operation with cruise companies active in the Mediterranean, we offer full holiday packages for those who see sea travel as the ideal way of relaxation.



Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center undertakes the brokerage of pleasure boats, warships and commercial ships in any port in Greece, offering all kinds of services.

The high quality of services provided has rendered it the exclusive agent of large shipping companies or yachting companies. Moreover, the company is a franchisee of A1 Yachting. Finally, with its great experience in the area, it has concluded agreements with foreign countries for warship brokerage.

Ship Chartering

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center, through its global network of partners, can mediate between concerned parties, ship owners, recipients and loaders through mutually beneficial and safe transports.

Services in the chartering department include:

• cargo booking
• direct contact with charterers
• ship chartering for cargoes controlled by Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center

Ship Catering

Gelasakis Shipping and Travel Center may ensure comprehensive ship and private boat catering with fresh and frozen products, fuel, water, spare parts, etc. Furthermore, it can meet any demand on any of the country’s ports.